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Aug 6 '21 at 7:57 comment added Alchimista When you list the changes you have made and arrive at that point, tell this to the editor. Like we checked the suggested refs and decided that their are only marginal bla bla bla. The fact that the journal are obscure is marginal as well. The only point is if they fit in or not.
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Duplicate of How to deal with an unreasonable reviewer asking to cite irrelevant articles?
Aug 6 '21 at 0:00 comment added Prof. Santa Claus 1) include them as 'payment' for the reviewer's time. If they are not relevant, then you need to find a reason to make them relevant, 2) argue why they are not relevant, and omit them, or 3) include them as they are relevant.
Aug 5 '21 at 21:27 comment added Tigerx If you find methodological or theoretical mistakes or weakness in those articles, you don't need to cite them. Relevance and the quality of the paper should guide your decision
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Aug 5 '21 at 19:27 comment added Buffy You are "guessing" that the papers are by the reviewer. Why is that? Are they relevant? You say "not very related". Do they add anything? Relevance is the standard.
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