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Top new questions this week:

How can I deal with students that are too sensitive when they are wrong? Particularly when they answer simple questions incorrectly during class?

I am an instructor in a STEM field. I am teaching an upper-division course where I try to interact with the students rather than just lecturing. I am teaching in the students' native language; there ...

teaching university stem  
asked by ziulfer Score of 52
answered by anjama Score of 85

I just got invited to referee an article! Is it OK to share this achievement on social media?

I am very proud of this achievement and I am thinking about sharing the email to social media. Is it okay to post it as long as I remove confidential information, e.g. manuscript id, title, author? ...

peer-review etiquette social-media  
asked by PhilCsar Score of 37
answered by Richard Erickson Score of 58

Would it violate copyright to retype a classic mathematics book from the 1960s using modern notation and uploading it online?

I have a question about copyright. Suppose I am reading a classic book in mathematics that was published in the 1960s. This book uses very old notation, which makes it impossible to read it. Suppose ...

mathematics copyright legal-issues intellectual-property  
asked by Son Gohan Score of 24
answered by Buffy Score of 33

What can be done when a professor from reputable institute asks me to publish in a predatory journal?

So, I've received what was in many respects a perfectly normal spam message of the form; Due to your recent publication [title of my paper] you are invited to contribute a chapter to a book on [topic ...

asked by Clumsy cat Score of 18
answered by tschwarz Score of 26

Is it normal for a journal to offer to transfer a rejected manuscript to another (more expensive) journal?

Recently, a submission of mine was declined as not suitable for the journal, but with the rejection came a request to transfer the manuscript to another journal owned by the same company. However, the ...

publications publishers  
asked by kricheli Score of 15
answered by Bryan Krause Score of 22

Is it ethical to privately thank authors when you discover they’ve cited your work?

Is it ethical to privately thank authors when you discover they’ve cited your work? Can it be looked upon like you’re trying to gain future favour? Or like the citation itself was for any reason other ...

publications ethics etiquette  
asked by user354948 Score of 14
answered by Oliver882 Score of 22

Software for creating hand-written slides that are revealed gradually

I am looking for software to create slides like these. I want everything to be hand-drawn/hand-written. I don't want to draw/write anything at the time of presentation, but I want parts of the slides ...

presentation software  
asked by M. Winter Score of 13
answered by cag51 Score of 12

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I add a baby as a co-author of a scientific paper, to protest against co-authors who haven't made any contribution?

Can I put the name of my baby as one of the co-authors of a scientific paper? I know it sounds disturbing, but it's a way of mine to protest against co-authors that haven't made any contribution (...

publications authorship  
asked by teter Score of 193
answered by Kakoli Majumder Score of 156

My PhD advisor sent me a plagiarized draft

While working on a paper, my PhD advisor (at a prestigious school, if that matters) sent revisions that included three pages plagiarized from a book. Thankfully I caught this before the paper was ...

phd advisor plagiarism research-misconduct  
asked by Jason Score of 58

What's the point of PhD theses if nobody reads them?

At best, the PhD thesis is read by: The author The examiners The supervisor The author's parents The author's roommate / spouse / fellow students in research group Or less than 10 people in total. ...

phd thesis  
asked by Allure Score of 136

What are the consequences of using Sci-Hub?

A student of mine has told me about Sci-Hub, where people can download copyrighted scholarly articles for free. I have cautioned him that it is illegal, but he challenged me asking me what would be ...

publications publishers legal-issues online-publication sci-hub  
asked by Giuseppe Biondi-Zoccai Score of 44
answered by Count Iblis Score of 49

How to write a strong introduction into a research paper?

How does one write a strong (good) introduction into a research paper? Some introductions make me really curious about the rest of the paper while others do not. Although it is relatively easy to say ...

publications writing introduction  
asked by mmh Score of 68
answered by Suresh Score of 55

How to avoid the repetition of "I" while writing a cover letter for an academic job?

I use active voice for cover letter and while doing that I end up with too many "I" and most of the sentences in my letter also begin with "I". This makes my letter quite boring. I would appreciate if ...

writing application-cover-letter  
asked by rana Score of 54
answered by F'x Score of 49

Is's "mentions" feature real?

I just got an email from saying that my name has been mentioned two times (Edit: now up to 150 papers!), but to see the mentions you have to upgrade to a premium account at 8.25AUD/month. ...

social-media scams  
asked by curiousdannii Score of 35
answered by Dominique Kenens Score of 32

Can you answer these questions?

Should I put some useful information for phd students on my academic website?

I plan to put on my website useful books and useful journals related to my area, websites covering postdoc opportunities, in other words, information that I think useful in our area especially for phd ...

phd website  
asked by creation Score of 1

How to prepare for the questions you get at a research interview

I recently applied for several permanent research positions. The interview were all similar: a talk on your past, present and planned research and some time for questions. I prepared well for the talk ...

job-search interview early-career  
asked by Cam Desjonqu Score of 7
answered by markvs Score of 0

Attend to conferences after leaving the lab

I would like to attend to a conference and present the data of my first authored paper published a few months ago in a high quality journal. I plan to show just the published results, no unpublished ...

ethics conference presentation changing-fields  
asked by research_isn't_easy Score of 1
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