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Top new questions this week:

Is publishing runnable code instead of pseudo code shunned?

In Computer Science is it preferable to describe algorithms using pseudo code rather than real code? If so, why? I've talked to a few academics who think so but I can't understand why. Some of the ...

publications computer-science formatting code  
asked by Björn Lindqvist 113 votes
answered by ObscureOwl 167 votes

How to educate bachelor and master exchange students from Asia?

I am working at a university in Europe. We have a great number of exchange students (one semester, year, of multiple years). I am having difficulties reaching some of these exchange students, ...

education student-exchange asia  
asked by matousc 69 votes
answered by Cloudzzz 31 votes

How can I convince my department that I have the academic freedom to select textbooks and use multiple-choice tests in my courses?

I am a professor of Mathematics at a Community College. My department has adopted policies through a majority vote. The two policies I have questions about are: An instructor can only use ...

asked by Michael McCain 43 votes
answered by Nate Eldredge 22 votes

What should be done when the theory behind a PhD thesis turns out to be wrong?

I have a friend who has been working on a PhD dissertation for over 3 years and he is supposed to be wrapping it up. Unfortunately, his thesis involves a complex model and populating the model with ...

phd research-process thesis  
asked by Tyler Durden 37 votes
answered by cag51 83 votes

Is it academically dishonest to submit the same project to two different classes in the same semester?

I overheard a student who said that they would use a project done in another course that semester as the final project in an entirely different course. (Let's call the original course Course 0 and the ...

asked by GridAlien 26 votes
answered by Buffy 63 votes

Miscited in a bachelor thesis

I recently discovered, to my delighted surprise, that my bachelor thesis had been cited in another bachelor thesis - however... my bachelor thesis has been entered in the reference list as an PhD ...

citations research-misconduct  
asked by Bex 20 votes
answered by DCTLib 27 votes

Retracting Recommendation Letters

I am currently applying for a Ph.D. in Physics in the US. One of my recommenders has already submitted a letter to the schools I'm applying to, but I was advised by another faculty member that I ...

phd graduate-admissions application recommendation-letter  
asked by SqueamishLizard 15 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What to do with a student coming to class in revealing clothing, to the degree that it disrupts the teaching environment?

Since semester started, a female student has been attending classes scantily clad or wearing clothes that are too revealing, like a sport bra without shirt on top, booty shorts, semitransparent silk ...

etiquette teaching-assistant gender outward-appearance  
asked by je_b 183 votes
answered by Mehrdad 96 votes

How to contact a potential PostDoc advisor?

Reading this very interesting question ("How long before PhD graduation should I start applying for post-doc positions?") about "when", suddenly I started to reason on the "how" issue. Imagine you ...

phd postdocs career-path  
asked by 37 votes
answered by walkmanyi 30 votes

How can I cite the same reference in successive sentences?

I've just read a paper that cited the same reference in two successive sentences: This is the first sentence (xxxx 2013). This is the second sentence (xxxx 2013). Up until now, I would have ...

citations writing writing-style  
asked by luciano 36 votes
answered by Peter Jansson 52 votes

I am currently debating whether to leave my PhD program- any advice

TL;DR: Young graduate student in his first year of a PhD program who has lost a passion for the academic world. Seriously considering quitting but don't know what to do. Science background. Would love ...

phd graduate-school  
asked by user7007 63 votes
answered by Chris Gregg 52 votes

How to silence the voice that tells you you're being financially irresponsible by spending 4 to 6 years doing a PhD?

I'm very conflicted regarding applying to (American) PhD programs vs. not doing so and finding a job in industry to have more money. The thought of doing a PhD makes me feel financially ...

asked by user80709 108 votes
answered by Federico Poloni 237 votes

Female students coming to office hours in overly revealing clothing

[because this is potentially relevant, I'm a 37 y/o male] Being the end of the semester, I've had a bunch of students come to my office hours to ask questions about things I'm responsible for. Among ...

etiquette outward-appearance office-hours  
asked by Koldito 208 votes
answered by StrongBad 145 votes

Should I cheat if the majority does it?

I'm taking the last and hardest exams of my master degree. During the exams we aren't allowed to use anything else but our brain. Cheating is pretty easy though: one has the lecture notes and all the ...

university exams grades cheating personal-misconduct  
asked by Run like hell 76 votes
answered by Patrick 130 votes

Can you answer these questions?

A year in industry and back to a postdoc in a different field

I am finishing my PhD in a Statistics department, but my thesis is basically Math. I want to spend a year or two in the industry and then apply for a postdoc in Stats. However,.. It will be hard, so ...

mathematics industry statistics  
asked by peter 1 vote

Admission into top engineering graduate programs with a GPA just below the cutoff

I'm applying for a master's degree at top graduate schools for robotics, such as MIT. However, I've heard that the recommended minimum GPA for these schools is 3.5. My GPA is actually 3.45. I know the ...

graduate-admissions masters gpa  
asked by Locknutbushing 1 vote
answered by Boaty Mcboatface 0 votes
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