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Top new questions this week:

How do I deal with crying in front of my supervisor?

I just started my PhD two months ago and I am already feeling stressed out. I don't know how to find a research gap and I'm also not good at communicating or explaining anything. My supervisor told me ...

phd emotional-responses  
user avatar asked by Me myself Score of 44
user avatar answered by Neel Krishnaswami Score of 57

When teaching Computer Architecture, why are universities using obscure or even made-up CPUs? Why not x86, ARM or RISC-V?

On the FERIT University, we are using the PicoBlaze CPU to study Computer Architecture. And the same is true for a university in Argentina that the GitHub user agustiza is from. And we ran into a ...

user avatar asked by FlatAssembler Score of 43
user avatar answered by Wolfgang Bangerth Score of 125

Paper authorship conflict: Advisor wants his name on a research paper he didn't contribute to

In my university it is typically the case that advisors are first authors but this comes with having them do the first author responsibilities such as making significant (original) and insightful ...

publications graduate-school ethics authorship supervision  
user avatar asked by XwitchX228 Score of 19
user avatar answered by Bryan Krause Score of 52

How to say politely not to doze off during progress meeting?

In my PhD, I have two supervisors who I meet every week. One of them knows my topic very well from one perspective, but usually not too involved with the mathematical design or methodology. The other ...

supervision lab-meeting  
user avatar asked by CfourPiO Score of 14
user avatar answered by cag51 Score of 29

Academic view of graduates who go to US national labs?

I am an undergrad currently finishing up a research internship at a Department of Energy national laboratory. I've enjoyed my time here, and I want to work at a national lab post-PhD. With my PhD ...

graduate-admissions united-states career-path  
user avatar asked by David8 Score of 13
user avatar answered by R1NaNo Score of 29

Is this self-plagiarism?

I have two papers which are using totally different methods and are on different subjects. However, in both papers I use the same case study as a benchmark. The case study is very technical. When I ...

plagiarism self-plagiarism  
user avatar asked by DSPinfinity Score of 12
user avatar answered by Daniel Hatton Score of 35

NSF grant proposal not reviewed despite being received

I submitted an NSF research grant proposal (Mathematics) last year. The status for my proposal shows "pending" on the website. I was talking to a professor recently, who told me that she was ...

mathematics funding nsf  
user avatar asked by Ryan Hendricks Score of 11
user avatar answered by Wolfgang Bangerth Score of 14

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What should I do after my PhD supervisor calls me a retard to my face?

I am in the 5th year of my Ph.D. studies. My Ph.D. supervisor always likes to mentally and verbally abuse me and some of our group members. This time, I really could not take it anymore and I want to ...

phd advisor health abuse  
user avatar asked by Try2GetBack2Academia Score of 63

Will submitting to mediocre journals (MDPI) hurt me in the long term?

I have some preliminary experimental results that won't fit into the next round of experiments. The first only shows there is problem but can't make any conclusions about why. The second will ...

publications paper-submission mdpi  
user avatar asked by square potato Score of 7
user avatar answered by sErISaNo Score of 8

How to select a Master's thesis topic if your advisor won't suggest one?

If a master's degree candidate needs to select a thesis topic, but their advisor is unwilling to offer suggestions on the matter, how should one go about selecting a thesis? How might one select an ...

thesis masters research-topic  
user avatar asked by Village Score of 38
user avatar answered by Dave Clarke Score of 41

How do you ask someone what he or she would prefer to be called?

For example, if you are talking to another researcher from a foreign university, how do you ask him or her what title would he or she be preferred to be called by? "What's your preferred title" ...

user avatar asked by Shamisen Expert Score of 9
user avatar answered by Nicole Ruggiano Score of 8

How do you judge an Indian CGPA score?

Let's start with background: I'm European, don't know much about undergrad educational systems, and especially grading, outside my own area. So, I receive a CV from an Indian undergrad with the ...

grading india  
user avatar asked by F'x Score of 36
user avatar answered by Bravo Score of 31

When can you call yourself doctor?

I just passed my dissertation defense. This means there is nothing left but paperwork to get my doctorate. Among the various congratulations I've received a couple have termed me: Dr. My assumption ...

phd titles  
user avatar asked by Winston Ewert Score of 50
user avatar answered by Samuel Russell Score of 51

Is it correct for a PhD holder to sign as "Dr. J. Doe, PhD"?

I have seen some of the PhD holders sign as "Dr. [First Name] [Surname], PhD". Is it academically correct to write "Dr. Frank Amoani Arthur, PhD"?

phd titles  
user avatar asked by Frank Amoani Arthur Score of 7
user avatar answered by Schmuddi Score of 12

Can you answer these questions?

To be unemployed for the RTDa in Italy

I'm Research assistant in Turkey, I'll apply for RTDa position in Italy. I will try to take sabbatical and then unpaid leave from my university in Turkey to apply for RTDa but i heard that Italy does ...

postdocs italy sabbatical  
user avatar asked by Kagan Score of 1

Lecturers in my department presenting on a similar topic to me

Last year I presented my PHD topic at a conference and some lecturers from my university attended. This year I am presenting at the same conference. I can see the lecturers are again also attending ...

phd conference colleagues  
user avatar asked by LearningLivvy Score of 3

Is/was there a final university examination where the student was required to write down everything he or she knew about the subject (e.g. History)?

In about 1990, I heard that in Japan, after completing a History bachelor's degree course of several years duration, the student was required to write down everything he or she knew about History. It ...

university exams japan history  
user avatar asked by Matthew Christopher Bartsh Score of 3
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