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Top new questions this week:

Seemingly-irrelevant papers, all with author in common, suggested by reviewer

I recently received a decision letter calling for minor revisions prior to acceptance. One anonymous reviewer was extremely knowledgeable and provided many helpful suggestions to better explain and ...

publications peer-review  
asked by LunarLlama 65 votes
answered by ObscureOwl 110 votes

Found a severe error in a conference paper after presentation but before the proceedings

I am a final year undergraduate student and had worked on a very fundamental project(there is no available literature on this field presently) during my sophomore year. The results obtained were quite ...

publications conference research-undergraduate errors-erratum  
asked by user118612 48 votes
answered by Ray Butterworth 88 votes

Is being featured on the front cover of a scientific journal an academic milestone?

I am a PhD candidate now writing my thesis. I have recently submitted an article to a very good journal (for a particular yearly issue). Along with the article, authors were encouraged to send ...

publications journals paper-submission  
asked by Leitouran 29 votes
answered by Buffy 55 votes

Do active researchers in mathematics read a paper in detail?

Context: As a researcher you need to read many research papers by others. In the case of mathematics, a paper consists of: Results (theorems, lemma, propositions) Proofs that consist of the ...

research-process mathematics academic-life reading  
asked by Jim 24 votes
answered by Buffy 28 votes

Nature of pure mathematics research

For a little background- I'm a 3rd year engineering student, planning to do masters in pure mathematics. I've been studying abstract group theory and real analysis, although I'm extremely interested ...

phd mathematics career-path  
asked by S_Mitter 21 votes
answered by Ben Linowitz 49 votes

Is it recommended for a professor to not entertain advanced questions for a basic course?

Recently I worked as a teaching assistant for a digital logic course. The topic for the day was full-adder. Professor explained the full concept of the full adder, along with question and answer ...

teaching professors  
asked by hanugm 20 votes
answered by cag51 26 votes

Attending a conference that my abusive ex-supervisor is also attending, how I should react?

I am going to attend a conference as I have been selected to a voluntary position and it is mandatory to meet up with the organizers. At this conference, my abusive ex-supervisor is chairing sessions ...

academic-life abuse  
asked by Erik 19 votes
answered by Patricia Shanahan 40 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to avoid being falsely accused of harassment by a student?

I am a junior faculty member and as part of my work I have to supervise students. I am required by the University to have one-on-one meetings with them every week to check their progress and give ...

legal-issues sexual-misconduct harassment  
asked by electrique 209 votes
answered by StrongBad 117 votes

In a yes/no question, student gives the right answer and a unnecessary but wrong explanation. How to grade?

Example: Q: Does Venus exhibit retrograde motion? (1 mark) A: No. This is because Venus orbits the Sun and not the Earth. The first part is correct: Venus does not exhibit retrograde ...

asked by Allure 111 votes
answered by cag51 258 votes

Meaning of undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate in US

Trying to figure out the difference between these. I've lost completely as different source/answers interpret it differently. Does anyone have clear understanding about what does ...

asked by peetonn 22 votes
answered by Nate Eldredge 31 votes

Failing students when it might cause them economic ruin

The issue has crept up on me slowly over the last several years. I am increasingly aware of the massive debt that many of my students are taking on, debt which is far beyond the sort of debt that I ...

undergraduate grades graduation  
asked by John Coleman 214 votes
answered by Michael Stachowsky 157 votes

Should I intervene when a colleague in a different department makes students run laps as part of their grade?

Basic Premise Can a microbiology professor require students to run laps on the track during class for a grade, even if the class usually has no physical component to it? Background As part of my ...

advisor undergraduate grading medicine  
asked by Vladhagen 139 votes
answered by StrongBad 139 votes

How do you cite a Github repository?

I am working on a honours thesis and have developed a Fortran library that I would like to cite in it. In some places they suggest to quote the documentation of the project but this is something I ...

publications citations repository bibtex  
asked by charlespwd 133 votes
answered by dgraziotin 62 votes

The professor for one of my classes has no direction

I'm in my final semester of a Computer Science degree at University and we have general education requirements. I'm in a Public Speaking course with an interesting professor, lets call him professor ...

united-states professors feedback course-evaluation  
asked by C.j. 30 votes
answered by Philly 40 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Will submitting to viXra before being accepted by arXiv cause me to be blacklisted by arXiv?

I'm in a position where I will have fairly inconsequential work to publish soon. I'm working in the blockchain space, where it is common for whitepapers to be posted on individual websites or github. ...

publications arxiv preprint  
asked by Brayton 2 votes

Typical research on experience for physics graduate school applicants

I am applying to US PhD programs in physics. I do not have much research experience because I am an international student transferring from a completely different field. When checking the profiles of ...

graduate-admissions physics  
asked by Lucas123 1 vote

RSS feeds of conference proceedings from dblp?

I am looking for a way to get RSS updates (to consume through Feedly) of proceedings of some major conferences in my area (computer security). I thought I could get them from dblp directly, since they ...

conference proceedings  
asked by ClonedOne 1 vote
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