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Hi developers we need a platform to get reviews to our apps to boost our downloads. As the app review sites charging more. We need a platform to get reviews for free so.. I have created a group for the developers where developers can review other developer apps to help them boost their download. Android App Reviews Exchange

Monetize your app from here Start App

After 6 months I have posted answer in SO, I will try to be active from today onwards

Please Download the Game I have developed recently to support me. Maze Teeter

Visited site on 21-8-2013 after 4 months. Good to know I got privileges to Moderator Tools.

Enjoying making games with Unity 3d

I really appreciate the revolutionary decision of unity people to make it free for the mobile development.

I have got inspiration from the people like Mark Murphy ,ρяσѕρєя K and Sam because I have learned lot from their posts in SO. Also ρяσѕρєя K and Sam have supported me a lot.

In terms of Android I am zero, most of the topics in Android I haven't tried yet. But my learning curve is good.

Here is my facebook profile : Pragnani Kinnera