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When I cite papers online, especially in Wikipedia pages, it is very convenient to use their DOI. However, some papers which I would like to cite (like this and that) have no DOI. Or at least, I haven't been able to find their DOI in the crossref search form.

Why isn't a DOI assigned to all papers? Is there something I can do to change this?

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Perhaps because it typically costs some amount of money to register a DOI with a registration service? –  Mike A. Jun 17 at 14:31
The question is skewed by your asking it in the passive voice. Why doesn't who assign a DOI to all papers? –  JeffE Jun 18 at 2:12

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A process exists for obtaining DOI's, including the submission of meta-data and fees. Thus, it is time and cost prohibitive for some authors / publishers to obtain DOI's for their published works.

You can find information about DOI's here: http://www.doi.org/faq.html

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Can an author request a DOI for his paper if he pay all the fees himself, if the journal/conference do not request it at all? –  Enthusiastic Student Jul 16 at 20:59

A DOI is registered by a so-called Registration Agency (see FAQ 1 and 2 at DOI). Since there is a cost associated with the service, it may not be feasible for all to add such identifiers.

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